How to Write and Publish Your First Blog Post in Six Step

How to Write a Blog?

We’ve all thought of blogging at least once in our lives. Well, wouldn’t you want to make this wish come true? Regardless of what you’re writing for, blogging is actually easier than you think. Before taking action, you can read this article and learn about blogging and clear your doubts. And of course you will learn how to write a blog.

Step 1: Who Am I Writing For

The first question you should ask yourself before you start is who am I writing for? So who do you want to read your articles and who do you aim to reach? When writing your article, you should think about the people you want to reach. If you want to be read, you should include the topics they are interested in and the answers they are looking for in your article. For example, if your target audience is young adults aged around 20-30, you need to choose topics that will be of interest to them.


Step 2: Content

As we mentioned in the previous step, if you want your articles to be read a lot, you should first choose striking and readable topics. Remember that not every topic attracts readers to your blog. You can use up-to-date information or use google trends for topic selection. In order for this job to be fun, my suggestion is to write articles about your field of interest or your (professional) field. So, is the job done after finding the subject? Of course no. You should be knowledgeable about the topic you have chosen and you should make it interesting. You can apply the following items:

  • Use images so as not to overwhelm the reader.
  • Do not make very long sentences and do not write excessively long articles.
  • Use your humor where necessary.
  • Most importantly, be original.

Step 3: How to Login

Remember, the person who reads your blog will read the introduction first. In fact, you will catch your reader in the introduction. For this, you can explain what the reader will find in the article in a non-boring language, start by asking the reader a question and make the reader curious, or you can start with a quote about your topic. It may be a plus for you to write the introductory part after creating your article.

write blog

Step 4: Getting Started with Writing

You have decided what topic you will write about. Now it’s time to go to the screen and write. First of all, remember that in order to write on a subject, you must have knowledge of the subject you are going to write about. Well, you have information, but you can’t gather your thoughts. Then you have to copy. I’m not talking about copy-pasting other people’s posts on your blog here. If anyone writes on the same subject as you, you can have information about the flow of the subject, and you can use this chronology. Dividing the topic into headings and creating an outline is also a good step to create your article.

Step 5: Control

At this stage, your article needs to be revised. Nobody wants to read an article where there is no unity of meaning, the images do not match the subject, or there are many spelling mistakes. At this point, it is useful to read your article again and check it, or if possible, to have it checked by someone you trust.

Step 6: Reaching the Readers

reaching the readers

Now your article is ready and waiting to reach the readers. If you write your article in accordance with SEO, this will automatically make you stand out in google searches. For example, you can not keep your title long and use keywords in your title. Another thing you can do is advertise on social media. Think of the users we can reach on social media that we use every day and cannot give up. In addition, you can open social media accounts specific to your blog and gain followers to announce each of your posts. Do not forget that in order to attract traffic to your blog and not to lose the audience you reach, you must produce content at regular intervals and ensure continuity.

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