What did Franz Kafka want to tell in The Metamorphosis?

What did Franz Kafka want to tell in The Metamorphosis?

All of us have known of “The Metamorphosis” which is novel written by Franz Kafka. But, some may find the novel absurd. They may wonder why a novel that a man turn into a roach, became such a popular. Is that all? However, Is The Metamorphosis just a fantastic novel? Sure truth isn’t this. Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is an extremely allegorical book. So, In novel, most thing may a metaphor that express a message…

Who is Franz Kafka?

Franz Kafka is one of the famous author living in 20th Century. He was born in Prague where is capital city of Czech Republic of today, in July 3, 1883 nevertheless when Kafka born, Prag was a piece of Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was a German-speaking Jew therefore it is said he had a hard time to take a place in society.

His father Hermann Kafka who is middle class, brong his family to Prague from Osak which Jewish village. Hermann was an authoritative person. Accordingly, He was distant with Franz. (In Kafkas work “Letter to the Father” this is appearing)  Kafka’s mother Julie had a good education and had a rich family. Hermann and Julie had six child and Kafka was eldest one. His two brother dead before Kafka was seven and his three sister was dead during the holocost.

In 1889 Kafka began an elementary school it called ”Deutsche Knabenschule”. This school gave Jewish education for German boys. After he finish this school, Kafka start Altstädter Deutsches Gymnasium High School in Kinský Palace. He learned czech literacy. In 1901, He was accepted to Deutsche Karl-Ferdinands University. He firstly take chemistry but after he transition to law department. He met with Max Brod there. Brod contributed to his literary orientation. July 18,1906, He became doctor of law. He laboured as of insurance clerk but afterwards he was obliged to quitted work since his disease. He had many relationship but never married.

Kafka utilized fanciful factors in his works. He frequently treat theme such as alienation from society, oddness, guilt.

Kafka died in Klosterneuburg-Austria, due to laryngeal tuberculosis, in 2 June, 1924. His body was brought to prague and buried to jewish cemetery situated there. Like other most author, Kafka was famous after he died.



-The Trials / 1925

-The Castle / 1926

-Amerika / 1927


-Description of a struggle / 1912

-The Metamorphosis / 1915

In the Penal Colony / 1919

Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk / 1924

-The Great Wall Of China / 1930

Wedding Preparations in the Country / 1954

-A Report to an Academy / 1917


-Letter to the Father / 1919

-Letters to milena / 1952


-Diaries / 1910-1923

-The Zürau Aphorisms / 1917-1920

The Metamorphosis (Die Verwandlung)

In 1915, Kafka’s story “The Metamorphosis” published in Leipzig. Kafka use unusual factors in this story. This became an epochal work in 20th century and maybe the most famous work of Franz Kafka. The story tell to Gregor Samsa’s inner world and encountering his family’s reaction after he woke up as a giant insect.

Gregor Samsa is a marketer in normal life. He works to provide for her family and realize his sister’s dream. Gregor’s sister Grete want to go conservatory. Before Gregor became an insect, he was important for his family. His mother an affectionate person to Gregor and his father continentally spend his time idly because his son work for them.  

The story is start with protagonist Gregor Samsa become a giant insect. In the beginning Gregor tries to understand what happened to his. He can’t move his body easily but even so he think his job. When Gregor are late, his boss came to their home. The boss and his family see Gregor. Gregor’s boss run away from the home and Father Samsa chase Gregor to his room. His members of family think whether the insect is their son or not. Actually they inwardly know that the insect is Gregor however they don’t want believe this and begin disgust with Gregor gradually except his sister Grete this is because Gregor Samsa give the disgust instead of work for them anymore. Franz Kafka reveal that people are loved as long as benefitted from themselves even they are immediate family.

On the contrary to their family, Grete are aware of the insect is her brother. She bring food for Gregor and take care of his. In normally, Gregor and Grete like each other so Gregor trust Grete firstly but Grete tire as time goes on. Her care to Gregor, decrease more and more, as she slog on. Kafka show that even our favorite person can abandon us when come across difficulties, in this place.

Since Gregor can’t yield money anymore Samsa Family hire out their one room to three man. Gregor’s Father are nice toward lessee men. Gregor realise that this stranger men precious than his self in other words, for father samsa money important than his son.  Kafka emphasise one more time people always move in the direction of their profit.

Firstly Grete say that Gregor must kicked out from home. Samsa Family can’t tolerate this situation no longer and one day Father Samsa starts throwing apples at his son and Gregor get injured. Some morning, the housemaid are find Gregor dead. The family never be sad in fact they rest easy eventually. Since the family disgust to Gregor, the maid throws Gregor in the trash with a dustpan. Oddly, the story finish lovely for Samsa Family. They go on a holiday. Distresses are end in the long run. They forget Gregor already and plan their future. 


Kafka demonstrate to things that modern man cares about. When Gregor turn into a insect at first didn’t care of this situation. He only considered how he will go job. In addition His boss see Gregor as of just a money-making element. We can see clearly, the most important factor is money for modern people. We can see this on Father Samsa’s relation with lessee as well. Kafka tell as alienation of the individual from society, in this story.

So how foreign are we to society?  Why are people with us? If we leave provide benefit, are we see same interest? Finally, are we different from an insect, in the face of society’s profit?

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