The Meaning of Freeganism: A Different Perspective on Nutrition

Overview of Freeganism

When we think about the world we live in, we are led to consume every moment we are awake. Do we need everything we buy? Many of us buy things we don’t need. We quickly throw away unused items. We buy a lot of what we need because the price is affordable. As it can be understood from here, consumption has gained a different meaning rather than meeting basic needs. Consumption is not a need, it is a tool that makes us happy. Freeganism was also formed from these thoughts.

What is Freeganism (Freegan Food)?

Freeganism, which emerged in the USA in the 1990s, consists of free and vegan words. Although the word vegan is mentioned in it, not all those who adopt freeganism are vegan.

Freeganism is a philosophy of life that emerges against the rapid consumption and waste of capitalist life. Those who adopt freeganism are called freegans.

Let’s Know the Freegans

Freegans describe themselves as conscious consumers. What we see as garbage, freegans do not accept as garbage. So what are they doing? They meet their daily nutritional needs from garbage. If their stuff breaks down, they give priority to repairs. Thus, it contributes to minimum consumption. They embrace the happiness of sharing, not the happiness created by consumption.

Food Waste and Freegan Food

About 40 million tons of food is wasted every year in the United States alone. Globally, 1.4 million tons of food is wasted.

And most of the discarded food is edible. Knowing this, freegans dive into the garbage and reach edible food. This is the reason why they are called dumster dinners. Don’t think that you freegans are made up of the unemployed, even though they’re called garbage dumpers. There are many groups among them, such as lawyers, nurse, students.

Millions of people around the world are struggling with hunger. Our limited resources for production are running out. This world is all ours. I think we should all adopt a culture of freeganism, at least a little. We should not buy to be happy, we should buy as much as we need. First, we must feed our soul. We must do what we owe the world.

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