6 Different Greeting Style in Various Country

How to greet people in your country? Do you kiss your friends hello when you visit them? Or do you just shake hands? Is it normal to greet like this in your country?  Although there are greetings all over the world, the tradition of greeting is different. Let’s see together.

1. Kissing


The kissing greeting we are used to seeing is mostly in South America and Europe. But these kissing customs differ from country to country. For example in most parts of Europe, a kiss on both cheeks is required to say hello. But in Brazil and Turkey when women meet, they put their cheeks together and the air is kissed.



Although the handshake is mostly used in business meetings, it is also preferred in greetings in some countries.  For example, it is used in a normal greeting in Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

3. Namaste


Namaste is a gesture used in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and some other Asian countries. It’s used to mean hello. In this movement, the palms are joined together as if in prayer and the head is bent forward.

4. Bowing


Bows are traditional greeting in Japan, Korea, China. But bowing can also differ from country to country, even as a woman or a man. In Japan a bow can ranges from a small nod of the head to a deep bend at the waist. The degree of bow varies according to the respect shown. In Thailand, the hands are pressed together and slightly bent forward.

5. Fist Bump

fist bump

Fist bump, which was previously used in the USA, has become more common due to covid. It is preferred in most countries because it is more hygienic.

6.Right Hand on the Right

This form of formal greeting is used in Malaysia. Slowly take the other person’s hands between your hands. Next, let go of the other person’s hands, bring your own hands to your chest, and nod slightly.

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