Does Communal Progress Bring Benefit or Harm?

Development can thought as of a tool that aggrandizing humanity, make easier to human action and speed up, at first step. When we look from this perspective, progress gain favor to humanity. Certainly it can said that technology is helpful for people life but isn’t the problems that technology is make easy, already revealing by technology? The result of development’s activities, humanity modernize nevertheless does this bring benefit or harm?

Obligation to use technology

At the present time, we are thinking our mobile phones and computers are providing advantage to us. Well… Can we reject this advantage and continue our life? Unfortunately, the answer is no! Actually we have to use these devices. We are convicted for keep pace with to education life, business life and social life. In that technology is only a tool providing benefit, if so why we are obliged to use this tool or why we are damaged when we refuse to use them?

Is it possible to stay away from technology?

Technological developments direct human perceptions. Technology, which is a human invention, now begins to rule humans. People try to keep up with the emerging technology in order to benefit people. It is obvious that progress don’t make happy to humanity completely. So how right is it to reject technology completely and try to isolate ourselves from technology? We can’t do this by reason of humanity always want the advance. We don’t feel lack of thing that unbeing but if there is a knowledge we desire it. Even if we know that the knowledge make us upset, even so we take it. Consequently we have to use technology, we should use it as well. However we mustn’t accept all thing that bring from technology. We must intellectualise to every return.

Yet another fact is technology stupefy and make lazy to people. Karl Marx: “If gunpowder and the rifle had been invented, would Achilles have been possible? And if the printing press had existed, would it have been possible to have the Iliad?” If we look at their sentences, some works that cause humanity to develop and think are listed, and it is predicted that these works cannot emerge if technology exists. Therefore, it is possible to say that technology has an aspect that makes people lazy and prevents thinking.

The fact that technology changes the way of life of human beings and manages human beings reveals the power of technology in a way. Technology has had an impact not only on people but also on religions. Technology, which is the work of mankind, has brought innovations in many areas and damaged the authority of the church. Human beings have begun to expect the help they expect from God from technology. In the light of all these, it is a fact that technology has changed the culture and traditions of human beings. The American writer Neil Postman describes this as “Tools attack the culture instead of integrating it.”

Progress never bring to happiness. If it was, we would happier than old people…

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