On Modern and Modernity


Modernity is a concept that emerge in 18. Century with French Revolution and Industrial Revolution in addition it affect most nation. This notion ground on reason and science and gain ground in the field of politics, economy, culture and art.

As to modern, it is notion depend on date. Understanding of Modern, doesn’t require to be modernity. You think that “Well… Are people who ruled dictatorially or haven’t any right modern as well? The answer is yes! To live in a modern period is sufficient for be modern even if you live simply.


The word mean is “just” (Modo) in Latin. Firstly “Modern” used against Pagan Belief and it referred to Christianity. However when renaissance broke out this time it used against religion and church. So, modern is considered always being new and differentiated from old.

Thanks to Modernity, new concepts showed up like as Illumination, Freedom, Rationalism, Humanism, Democracy in 17. Century. Illumination was put to use by thinker such as John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant. In idea of Illumination, believed that reaching real only happen throughout reason and science


Under favour of Modernity, Capitalism showed its power. After Industrial Revolution, bourgeoisie gain new trade rights, separately from the kingdom with free market in 18. Century Europa.

Nevertheless, as a beginning Modernity had pledged to freedom toward religion, church or king. It would rescue us from these power enslaving people. Yes maybe it rescue us from these but instead of these, it enslaved us to money. It affected not only economical systems but also cultural life. Modernity created new lifestyles. Due to capitalism, class distinction of between people was increase. According to some thinker, Modernity made losing cultural, religious, national value and essence.  Karl Marx state this situation this way: All That Is Solid Melts into Air All That Is Solid Melts into Air. Humanity distanced to conventional element. In place of this, it adopted universal social and cultural life.


Did modernity end or continue? There are two opinion about this issue. Some scholars consider The Modernity exist still additionally it just experienced a change.

 But most say Modernity was end with have breaking down to Berlin Wall. They say there is a new age name is Postmodernity and this age can’t call modernity.

Actually postmodernism is a reaction to modernism. Postmodernism criticizes to modernism. It is the age that after modernism at that it is the current moment.

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