Why is Posture Important? Is Better Posture Possible?

Does your posture make you happy when you go in front of the mirror or look at a photo of you? Or are you just noticing something about your posture? Have you noticed that your back is hunched and your head is protruding abnormally? Both technological developments and our habits push us to a more sedentary life. As such, poor posture becomes inevitable for us.

Posture is the position or state of the body, the alignment of body parts during a particular activity or while still standing. It is divided into two as active or inactive. As the name suggests, inactive postures are postures taken for rest and sleep. Active postures, on the other hand, are postures that require the muscles to work. Active posture is also divided into two. The first is the static posture, in which the muscles work to counteract gravity. Muscles stabilize joints but do not move them. For example, even if we stand without doing any work, our muscles contract to resist gravity. The second is the dynamic posture that adapts to the changing environmental conditions depending on the movement.


Why Right (Good) Posture Matters?

Right posture means that the muscles in our body work in balance, with sufficient strength and in harmony. In this way, we can maintain the balance in the upright position with less energy. We can list the effects of right posture as follows:

  1. Helps to relax and relax the muscles in the body.
  2. Enables the respiratory and circulatory systems to work more comfortably and efficiently.
  3. Prevents injuries and fatigue.
  4. Reduces the incidence of diseases caused by poor posture.
  5. Makes the individual feel good mentally or psychologically.

What Causes Poor Posture?

1- Underlying Health Condition

In this case, poor posture occurs as a result of the disease. Unless the main cause is eliminated, we cannot reach a completely right posture. However, some treatment methods can prevent the situation from getting worse.

2-Muscle-Strength Imbalance

Some reasons such as looking at the phone for a long time during the day, watching TV while lying down and spending time in front of the computer cause muscle strength imbalance. For these reasons, staying in the wrong posture for a long time may create an imbalance in strength and flexibility.

3- Pain

When we have pain due to any reason, our body compensates for the pain and first of all, our posture evolves into a posture that we will feel more comfortable.

cervical pain

4- Other Causes: Fatigue, weakness and stress.

What Can We Do For A Better Posture?

A better posture is of course possible. For this, we must first be aware of our own stance. We should be careful not to stay in the same posture for too long. We should at least take small breaks or change our posture. And most importantly, we must make exercise a part of our lives. When you do this, you will see that if you have a posture-related pain, it will decrease.

pilates exercises

This article is for informational purposes only, for your health, consult a doctor, physiotherapist or professional before starting exercise.

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