The Last Pharaoh: Cleopatra

In Ancient Egypt, there was a pharaoh named Ptolemy XII. This pharaoh was the father of Cleopatra. Ptolemy XII died, and the kingdom passed to Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy XIII. The ideas of Cleopatra and her brother about running the ancient egypt were very different. For this reason, Ptolemy XIII expelled his sister Cleopatra from the palace. Cleopatra was exiled to Syria.

The Roman emperor Julius Caesar came to Egypt in order to achieve peace between the siblings. Cleopatra believed that the support of Rome was necessary for her. She aimed to meet Caesar before her brother and get closer to him.

She got into a rug and sneaked into Caesar’s room with the servants. She managed to impress Caesar with his courage. She even married with Caesar and had a son. With the support of Rome, Cleopatra regained the sovereignty of Egypt. After that her brother fled the country and drowned in the waters of the Nile.

Cleopatra married with her other brother Ptolemy XIV. At that time, she gave birth to a boy named Caesarion, and for a while ruled Egypt with her young son.

After the death of Caesar, the Roman Empire decoupled between Octavian and Marcus Antonius. The East was ruled by Marcus Antonius.

Marcus Antonius had heard a lot about Cleopatra and wanted to meet her. Cleopatra appeared in front of Marcus Antonius in a golden ship, with jewels all over her. They had fallen in love at first sight of each other. They had three children and the love they had for each other continued throughout their lives.

During the years when Antony and Cleopatra were living in Tarsus, they made war on Octavius. In the battle at Aktium, Cleopatra and Marcus were forced to flee. There is rumor about that Cleopatra, who returned to her palace in Alexandria, committed suicide by poisoning herself with cobra.

Cleopatra was only 39 when she died.

When Cleopatra died, the empire ended with her. The last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt was Cleopatra.

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