Personality Types A & B

Personality types A and B are two personality types originating from a theory developed by cardiologists Friedman and Rosenman.

Type A

People with this personality type are prescriptive.

Order and discipline are of great importance to them. They often make plans and can easily get flustered when their plans don’t come true. They want what they want to happen immediately.

People with this personality are ambitious.

They always finish what they started. Although it is a good habit not to leave their work unfinished, sometimes they are crushed under their ambitions. When they encounter failure, they suppress themselves.

They are always at the forefront.

Their intelligence makes them shine in society. They develop themselves, they don’t wait for the situation in which they are.

They can be selfish.

They can be obsessive and selfish. They can be selfish not only to their environment, but also to themselves. When they fail to achieve their goals, they isolate themselves from society. We can say that they can treat themselves cruelly.

Type B

This personality type is the most commonly found type.

They are calm.

They don’t get angry easily because they are strong-willed. They have no difficulty expressing themselves.

Carve out time for themselves. It’s difficult to see people with this personality type are stressed. They refuse to do things they don’t like.

They are helpful.

They can easily empathize. They know how to listen people and support them. They are supportive, and always ready for social changes.

Type B people accept life as it is.

They are satisfied with themselves and their lives. They don’t compare themselves with others. They aren’t afraid to accept failure, they aren’t competitive.

They are self-confident.

Because of they have complete self-confidence, their relationship with people is healthy. They win the love of many with their sympathetic and calm demeanor.

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