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Whatness and bias of History Dicipline

Keywords: bias, whatness, history


History is one of the essential disciplines. It ensure comprehended and interpreted our past. We sense important of history. But, are we know whether always it say true?

All of us are learned that literature and philosophy are a subjective field and history is an objective field. So, why aren’t we interrogate history?


History isn’t create a war, a civilization, a word etc. though, it explain and add meaning to all of this. Therefore, writing of it is important as near as events.


There are numerous difference between past and history. One of this: for an event to enter the field of history, a certain time must pass. Nevertheless, even a few minutes ago it is past for us. Furthermore, past is all of event that we lived and it needn’t was recorded this event. Already they may not significant these for us. Differently from this, history is recorded. Events that recorded by history are important for us. For exxample: World war 1, invetion of writing etc. Past is unconditioned truth by contrast with history is a form that processing of past by historian


History is an artificial notion. The truth of history depend on Historian’s character. Normally history must written as neutral but historiographers never can’t achieve this completely. Already to achive this is unfeasible. People have different identy.  They have different religion, race, language etc.

Sometimes historians behave unethical and look out for own race’s benefit. Sometimes as well, they don’t want take side however their identy becloud that their see the truth. They behave emotional and be tend to tolerate own race’s mistakes. So, they fall into the trap of “bias”. Consequently people who we think they are unfair may be right. Or on the contrary…

When we analyze the recent past (for example 19th-20th Century), we can find numerous source for searching to conflicts between countries. Each of this numerous sources tell history differently. Hence, we get muddled and can’t know which one say true. Differently from this, we are more ensure events in earlier times because there isn’t ample source back then. There wasn’t sufficent source in old timeswhen compare with today. So everbody were reading same content and everybody thought same thing.


The past is always true and it can’t changed. So  is same thing valid for history? The answer is no. It isn’t absolute true. When we find a new information we can change history. Sure, this is most innocent one. Because sometimes, countries can write history in own profit. Even some historic information that we exact know may be false. let’s say there are a person who writing definitely objective history. He/she as well can write as much as his/her sees. Past is very extensive. We never know everything that’s going on. But if we want write exact true history, we must know everything.

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