How to Prevent to Next Pandemic? What Says BILL GATES?

The Coalition of Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI) foundation was founded in 2016 by Norway-based Bill & Melinda Gates. The sole purpose of this foundation is to contribute to the vaccination process during epidemics. Bill Gates, who thinks that the pandemic process is bad because of the poor management of the vaccine process of epidemics, is establishing this foundation with Melinda Gates. This foundation cooperates with companies producing vaccines if necessary. In addition, it provides vaccine aid to poor countries to ensure that access to vaccines is equitable globally. Bill Gates, who has been operating at the CEPI foundation since 2016, works with experts on the pandemic process, vaccine management, and vaccine production. He turns his experiences about the pandemic process into a book. Book title: How to Prevent the Next Pandemic?

We Should Look Forward to 2021 – The Coat of Arms

What were the problems during the pandemic process?

The biggest danger of the epidemic is probably that it reaches millions of people. The world, which experienced the last epidemic with the HIV virus in 1980, had long forgotten the pandemic process. He was not ready for a new pandemic process. The number of hospitals and the inadequacy of hospital capacities caused many patients to die without being treated. Realizing that people cannot continue their social life without spreading the epidemic, the states stopped routine life. Since underdeveloped countries did not have a vaccine development infrastructure, they could not produce their own vaccines and entered the vaccine queue of developed countries. Poor countries, on the other hand, were able to access the vaccine much later, through aid agencies and some states’ help. Today, there are still poor areas that do not have access to vaccines.

pandemi – Store medisinske leksikon
The Spanish flu was a flu epidemic that affected much of the world during the 1918–1920 period, hence called a pandemic. Spanish flu patients at an intermediate hospital in Camp Funston, Kansas, USA, 1918.

What awaits us in Bill Gates’ book?

First of all, Bill Gates emphasizes that the pandemic process will occur in the future by saying ‘Next Pandemic’. Millions of people died, social life stopped, and many factors move Bill Gates into action. Bill Gates has worked with experts fighting epidemics for decades. He says he learned a lot in the process. In his book, Bill Gates outlines the steps that must be taken so that we can prevent the pandemic early and fairly. He talks about the necessary tools not only to stop the pandemic, but also to provide fair health services in this process. You can access Bill Gates’ blog about this book here and watch the video. When the book is published, maybe you will have the opportunity to read it and learn about the social duties that fall on us individually during the pandemic process…

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