6 Reasons to Start Pilates

Developed by Joseph Pilates years ago, pilates exercises have become popular today. So what is the real reason why it has become so popular? We have searched for you the reasons for starting these exercises, which you can diversify using many equipments. Here are 6 great reasons to start!

” You will feel different in 10 sessions, you will feel the difference in 20 sessions and you will have a completely different body in 30 sessions. ”

Joseph P.
reformer exercise with instructor

1- Pilates decreases stress levels & boosts your energy levels

Pilates stimulates the muscles and increases blood flow. Therefore, the exercises you do make you feel more energetic. At the same time, breathing exercises help you overcome stress and relax your soul.

2- Improves Posture

For a correct posture, the muscles in our body must work in a balanced, sufficient strength and balance. For this reason, pilates focuses on the core area that affects posture. It strengthens the core muscles and contributes to the improvement of your posture. Why is posture important? Is better posture possible? Click for more information.

3- It is good for your pain

Sometimes our pain is because our muscles are weak. In these cases, your pain is only temporarily relieved by medication. What you really need is exercise, not medicine. Of course, with the recommendation of a doctor!

4- Improves strength, flexibility and balance.

Pilates improves flexibility, strength and balance. This minimizes the possibility of injury. It also increases body awareness and reduces stress on joints, tendons, muscles and connective tissue.

5- Everyone can do pilates

Regardless of your age or gender, this exercise method is for you. Because everything is adjusted according to your needs. The focus on building core strength, and the body-mind connection make Pilates accessible to all. Everyone can do Pilates!

6- It’s not boring.

This exercise method can be differentiated with various equipment. If you don’t have the equipment, you don’t have to worry. You can do unlimited exercise with just the mat. Moreover, you can join group lessons.

Group lessons

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