Architectural Movements in Europe (10th-20th Century)

Before the architectural movements in Europe, The Roman and Greek Empires have been the pioneers of their periods in architecture throughout history.

Greek, Roman and finally Byzantine (Eastern Roman) works shaped the architecture of the period, respectively. After, In the later periods of the Middle Ages, Europe became the center of architecture. And it has been the starting point of many architectural movements until today. In this article, we have compiled for you the architectural movements that started from the Middle Ages and lasted until modern times.

Also, you can reach detailed explanations of architectural movements in Europe by clicking on the related words.

Romanesque Architecture

Period: 10th-12th century

  • Emerged on England and France.
Romanesque Architecture in Europe
Maria Laach Abbey / Glees, Germany

Gothic Architecture

Period: 12th-16th century

  • Emerged on North France.
Gothic Architecture in Europe.
Cologne Cathedral / Cologne, Germany

Renaissaince Architecture

Period: 15th Century

  • Emerged on Italy.
Florence Cathedral / Florence, Italy

Baroque Architecture

Period: 16th and 18th Century

  • Emerged on Italy.
Baroque Arvhitecture in Europe
Palace of Versailles, Versailles / France (17th Century)

Rococo Architecture

Period:18th Century

  • Emerged on Paris/France.
Branicki Palace, Białystok / Poland

Neoclassical Architecture

Period: 18th century

  • Emerged on Italy and France
Architects aimed to revival of Rome art. So, Neoclassicism emerged.
L’église de la Madeleine, Paris / France

Beaux-Arts Architecture

Period: 1830-1904

  • Emerged on France
Grand Palais, Paris / France

Arts and Crafts Architecture

Period: 1880-1910

  • Emerged on England.
Red House, London / England

Art Nouveau Architecture

Period: 1890-1910

  • Emerged on France.
Casa Milà, Barcelona / Spain, Gaudi

Art Deco Architecture

Period: 1920-1930

  • Emerged on France.
Daily Express Building, Manchester / England

Bauhaus Architecture

Period: 1919-1933

  • Emerged on Germany.
The Bauhaus building in Dessau, Germany

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