The First Traces of the City in History

Fundamentally City is a settlement where communities live together. As well as Human is designer of this areas. So, cities characters are directly linked to human. So, where were the first settlements? Which structures are the base of the primitive cities? Why people created common visiting places?

In this text, we clarified to answer of this questions.

Origin of the Humanity

People are the base of the city. Because the factor of creating the city is human. Hence, if we want to find first cities we must analyze human activities. Yet, we fall into a error in this respect. when we resarch in order to find origin of the humankind, we examine only phyisical ruins such as building, hand tool and pottery ware. However of course, humankind strecth into older periods. We never know to oldest communities rituels, langueages and custom. In other words, we never know origin of humanity.

Origin of the City

Before the city appeared, people found methods serve the city purpose. That is, they may have met their food needs by hunting and gathering, their sheltering needs in caves, and their heating needs by fire.

So, In order to talk about the starting point of the concept of the city, first of all, it is necessary to mention the tombs and sanctuaries, which are the pioneers of the city. Because the first built works in the world are usually sacred places. Even, these places continued to exist even before the settled life. Although nomadic people did not have a permanent living space, they visited these regions at certain intervals.


“Göbeklitepe”, known as the zero point of history, is the best example of this. The year of establishment is approximately BC. Göbeklitepe, which dates back to 11000-12000 years, is the oldest temple in the world and even the oldest built work in the world. The discovery of this temple allowed history to be rewritten. Because this building group, which belongs to the Paleolithic age, proved that human beings built worship structures before they settled down.

Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa/Turkey

Human Nomadism

It is a fact that settled life is advantageous in terms of security and energy savings. However, human beings have preferred mobility rather than living in a certain area for many years. The reason for this was the search for food, climate, proximity to water source, war.

Precursor Structures

Even in prehistoric times, human beings felt the need to bury their dead. This activity of mankind has created the first built works by creating tombs and temples over time. People built mausoleums for their dead and later visited these areas. And perhaps, with these activities, they laid the foundations of permanent life.


During the Paleolithic period, people used caves to provide shelter and security. It gives us information about the prehistoric period with animal motifs on the walls of Lascaux Cave in Dordogne, France. It is estimated that religious ceremonies were held in these caves as well. In order to increase fertility and have more animals, rituals were held in these caves.

Lascaux cave, Dordogne/France

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