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Rococo Architecture

Rococo art originated in France. Moreover, it took effect furniture, painting, music, architecture, interior design.

In this article, we will talk about the reflections of Rococo Art on architecture.

Rococo Architectural History

Rococo art emerged in Paris in the early 18th century. Also, It has expand on Germany, England, Spain, Russia as well after France, where is the first place of emergence. This movement showed itself after the BaroqueArchitectural movement. Besides, It is similar to “Baroque Architecture” in terms of the use of ornaments in the buildings. And, often used in interior decoration with baroque architecture. Later on, it left its place to “Neoclassical Architecture”, which is simpler and based on classical art.

Rococo Architecture

Although it is seen as a movement very similar to baroque architecture at first glance, there are some differences between them. Even, we often can see that a building that is considered Baroque in one source is evaluated in Rococo Style in another source. In fact, this movement emerged as a reaction to baroque architecture. Hence, he opposed the very ornate and gaudy understanding of Baroque Architecture. Instead, a simpler design concept was pursued. Because of this, More pastel colors has used and soft color transitions included. It has used in civil buildings such as house and hotels. In interior, continuing decorative curved forms in the design have come to the fore.

Rococo Architectural Features

Rococo Architectural Examples

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