The First Traces of the City in History

Fundamentally City is a settlement where communities live together. As well as Human is designer of this areas. So, cities characters are directly linked to human. So, where were the first settlements? Which structures are the base of the primitive cities? Why people created common visiting places? In this text, we clarified to answer of... Continue Reading →


Sustainability can be defined as the ability to be perpetual. The earth we live on and human civilization has this ability. In the 21st century, sustainability is a term used to refer to the biosphere and humanity. Sustainability drives resource exploitation and technological developments. Today, many sustainable activities such as economical use of natural resources... Continue Reading →

The Six Principles of Pilates

Pilates is a lifelong system that strengthens muscles and increases flexibility to protect joints and bones. So this isn't just a random selection of certain moves. This system is based on some principles. When you apply the principles that I will explain to you while exercising, you will see positive effects. 1.Breathing Breath allows us... Continue Reading →

Architectural Movements in Europe (10th-20th Century)

Before the architectural movements in Europe, The Roman and Greek Empires have been the pioneers of their periods in architecture throughout history. Greek, Roman and finally Byzantine (Eastern Roman) works shaped the architecture of the period, respectively. After, In the later periods of the Middle Ages, Europe became the center of architecture. And it has... Continue Reading →

Wave-Particle Duality

We mentioned in our previous article that Newton's laws of motion constitute the foundations of classical physics. All scientist accepted these laws. It was the first mathematical expression of nature. These laws were very successful on visible objects (balls, planets…). In the 17th century, scientists attempted to describe the atoms that make up invisible matter.... Continue Reading →

McKenzie Exercises for Low Back Pain

McKenzie exercises were developed in the 1950s by physical therapist Robin McKenzie. Robin discovered this method by observing that some patients were relieved in extension. It can be used in the treatment of many problems such as mechanical low back pain where flexion is painful. When to Perform McKenzie Exercises Mechanical low back pain where... Continue Reading →

Renaissance Architecture

Renaissance Architecture is an understanding that affected all Medieval Europe. And wonderful structures appeared during this period. In this text I mentioned that:What is Renaissance? How It emerged on? What is features of this Architecture? How Renaissance Architecture emerged on? Before the Renaissance architecture, the dominant architectural understanding in Europe was Gothic Architecture that showed... Continue Reading →

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Uncertainty occupies a very large place in our life. We often complain about this situation. What if this uncertainty is the nature of the smallest particle of all life, the entire universe? and if the uncertainty of these particles affects our whole life? Our inability to hammer a nail into a position in the universe... Continue Reading →

Acupuncture for Loss Weight

Are you satisfied with your body when you look in the mirror? Do you feel like you've gained weight lately? If you are tired of dieting and exercising on top of that, the question that will immediately come to your mind is as follows. How can I lose weight quickly? Therefore, you look for an... Continue Reading →

Baroque Architecture and Its Examples

If you know a little about architecture, your first answer to the question of what Baroque architecture includes is probably ornament and splendor. And, I must say that you are right in this answer. Before explaining the Baroque architectural features and examples in detail, I must state that this understanding includes a high degree of... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Weapons and the Destruction They Cause

Nuclear weapons basically can be classified; as atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, the neutron bomb. But, before going into the details of these weapons, it is necessary to explain some titles. What is the meaning of the 'Nuclear' It doesn't exactly describe the word core or center. But, it describes the organized events that develop around... Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Start Pilates

Developed by Joseph Pilates years ago, pilates exercises have become popular today. So what is the real reason why it has become so popular? We have searched for you the reasons for starting these exercises, which you can diversify using many equipments. Here are 6 great reasons to start! '' You will feel different in... Continue Reading →

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