The First Traces of the City in History

Fundamentally City is a settlement where communities live together. As well as Human is designer of this areas. So, cities characters are directly linked to human. So, where were the first settlements? Which structures are the base of the primitive cities? Why people created common visiting places? In this text, we clarified to answer of... Continue Reading →

What are Primary and Secondary Sources?

Keywords: primary source, secondary source, original, history PRIMARY SOURCE Primary sources are informations used historical studies. These called original sources. Writers of Primary source lived same time with events that they wrote. All other sources were founded on primary sources. So, when we start research, firstly prefer primary sources. Primary sources are documents that provide... Continue Reading →

Whatness and bias of History Dicipline

Keywords: bias, whatness, history DISCIPLINE OF HISTORY History is one of the essential disciplines. It ensure comprehended and interpreted our past. We sense important of history. But, are we know whether always it say true? All of us are learned that literature and philosophy are a subjective field and history is an objective field. So,... Continue Reading →

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